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LED fixtures in the pavement illuminate stone stairs and entry gatesElegant estate entry gates are enhanced with warm up-lightsLED lights embedded in the pavement emphasize the elegant brick columnsLighting mounted in tall trees creates interesting shadows on the groundLED light fixtures aimed downward offers a moonlit walk every nightMoon-lighting at the front entrance paints fanciful shadows on the stuccoWooded estate property is welcoming at night with lighting on treesLighting composition emphasizes specimen trees, shrubs, paths and walkwaysLandscape lighting highlights custom stone wall fountain and patioA rustic stone wall and dwarf trees are accented with landscape lightingWell-composed landscape lighting balances light levels and creates a moodThe view out into the garden features high contrast and drama at nightUplights on trees provides subtle lighting on path and bouldersDown-lighting from tall trees accentuates the natural shapes of limbs and leavesLighting on tall trees accents branches and creates interesting shadowsLandscape lighting techniques to create drama in the garden
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