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2012- : L.E.D. A Reality

By mid-2012 Night Light had perfected L.E. D. landscape lighting to the point where we felt confident that
we could offer an L.E.D. alternative that was every bit as reliable as everything we were doing previously
with many added benefits. Several of those benefits were at no additional cost, a savings of 80% in energy
cost, lamps that last 6-8 years and predictable light color. Our clients can now have state of the art L.E.D.
or the standard they are used to. In providing a viable L.E.D. option we also developed retrofit L.E.D. lamps
that would work perfectly in our existing low voltage fixtures so all of these systems could easily and cost
effectively be converted to L.E.D. We achieved a sustainability milestone in 2012 where all landscape
lighting that used to be line voltage 110 volt was being substituted with low voltage L.E.D. instead with no
loss of light intensity, but at a much lower cost of install and energy consumption.

2009-2011: L.E.D. Emergence

As Night Light moved into 2009 Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.) lighting was being talked about and many
manufacturers were making their products available. Unfortunately, they were extremely expensive and
not proven effective for outdoor use. This is when Mitch Beiser began to investigate LED as an option for
Night Light, to eventually replace the current lighting systems we have been known for. Through trial and
error we tested many products and companies to determine that no one was manufacturing the type of
lamps and fixtures we needed to replace the high quality of fixtures and lamps we already had in High
Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) and Quartz Halogen. We set out to have manufactured for us L.E.D. lighting that
was state of the art, but equal or less costly than their industry standard counterparts. This took a major
investment and several years to perfect.

2007-2008: Evolution

In late winter 2007, we offered a free site evaluation to all of our customers that had not had maintenance
on their lighting system performed by our crews in more than 2 years. Many times we were asked if we
had such a program so we decided to do a trial in 2007. This evaluation provided an on site complete
review of the existing lighting system to determine if it was performing at a level consistent with the
original installation. If problems were detected or changes needed to be made to improve the lighting
system, this was all noted on the written evaluation and presented to the customer. If no changes or
adjustments were needed, a clean bill of health was given to the client. Due to the continuous change
of the landscape, many of our customers were grateful for the helpful upgrades. It is such a benefit and
success for our customers that we are planning on continuing it in the future.

2003-2006: Expansion

In 2003 another salesman/designer by the name of Chris Carey was hired. Chris had extensive experience
as a gaffer in the film industry, helping to broaden knowledge of the company. After learning the culture of
Night Light, Chris began to working a territory from Chicago to Aurora. By this time, nearly 150 landscape
companies considered Night Light, Inc. their landscape illumination company of choice, up from about 25
in 1998.

Spring of 2006 was when the first company newsletter was delivered to our existing customers. The goal
was to educate our customers about the world of site and landscape illumination and update them on
the happenings within Night Light through a biannual newsletter. Sales and maintenance continued to
increase to the point where we needed a crew just to concentrate on all the service and maintenance full
time. In order to follow our company goal of becoming more environmentally conscious we purchased two
Mercedes built Dodge Sprinters which run on diesel and have a much higher fuel mileage rating over the
standard work van. They also allowed us to transport up to 5 crew members safely in secure seats along
with a steel bulkhead for their protection. Safety has always been a priority but these two Sprinters made
it a reality. The outside surface of each of the Sprinters were designed as a complete vinyl wrap to be a
traveling billboard for marketing purposes. They are a real show stopper.

2001: Merge

In 2001 it soon became apparent that the right approach to a great landscape illumination design company
was to offer both types of systems (12 volt or 120 volt) and let the landscape itself determine which was
the proper system. Quite often it is a combination of 12 and 120 volt. Since there was confusion over two

landscape illumination companies, Mitch & Dean decided in 2001 that only one name, Night Light, Inc.,
would be used. From that point on Night Light would perform all services low voltage and line voltage.
This nearly doubled the volume in 2001. Numerous relationships were developed with many of the top
landscape companies in the Chicagoland area. This allowed us to offer our customers significantly better
landscape illumination.

In 2002 Dean became a co-owner in Night Light, Inc. with Mitch Beiser. The ease of handling all landscape
services under the Night Light, Inc. name increased the company visibility and sales continued to grow.
This was also the year when the Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) was launched. This program
was developed because of popular demand from our customers. They wanted to have a service that
would annually maintain the lighting system automatically. So the PMP was developed to clean all fixtures
and lenses, replace all lamps, selectively prune trees, shrubs and perennials to ensure proper lighting
effects, adjustment of fixtures to match original design intent, inspection of all system components and
an extended warranty of the entire system. With the additional maintenance and installations we had to
increase our work force to 3 crews.

1993-98: Beginnings

In 1993 Night Light, Inc. was developed as a low voltage (12 volt) landscape illumination company by
nationally known landscape illumination designer Mitch Beiser. Night Light, Inc. started as an offshoot from
a line voltage (120 volt) company, that Mitch started 10 years prior. Night Light was to take advantage of
the increasing popularity and cost effectiveness of low voltage lighting for new and younger landscapes.
Typically new landscape installations do not require the power capabilities that mature landscapes do.
We determined that all of the existing low voltage products on the market were inadequate for the level
of quality we had come to expect in the line voltage system that we had been designing. Therefore, we
designed our own fixtures, sockets, wire and transformers to have a complete low voltage system second
to none.

In 1995 Night Light, Inc. was incorporated to provide landscape illumination design, installation and
maintenance services to their customers. A sales staff and an installation crew were trained to begin to
install the designs that were sold. The company continued to grow over the next 3 years.

In 1998 Dean MacMorris joined the company as vice president of sales and marketing. With more than
17 years in landscape project management and sales management experience with several top landscape
design build companies, Night Light was poised to take on even stronger growth within the landscape
industry. Very good growth was achieved for the next three years. We had two crews on the road doing
nothing but low voltage installations.

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