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As Night Light moved into 2009 Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.) lighting was being talked about and many
manufacturers were making their products available. Unfortunately, they were extremely expensive and
not proven effective for outdoor use. This is when Mitch Beiser began to investigate LED as an option for
Night Light, to eventually replace the current lighting systems we have been known for. Through trial and
error we tested many products and companies to determine that no one was manufacturing the type of
lamps and fixtures we needed to replace the high quality of fixtures and lamps we already had in High
Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) and Quartz Halogen. We set out to have manufactured for us L.E.D. lighting that
was state of the art, but equal or less costly than their industry standard counterparts. This took a major
investment and several years to perfect.By mid-2012 Night Light had perfected L.E.D. landscape lighting to the point where we felt confident that
we could offer an L.E.D. alternative that was every bit as reliable as everything we were doing previously
with many added benefits. Several of those benefits were at no additional cost, a savings of 80% in energy
cost, lamps that last 6-8 years and predictable light color. Our clients can now have state of the art L.E.D.or the standard they are used to. In providing a viable L.E.D. option we also developed retrofit L.E.D. lamps
that would work perfectly in our existing low voltage fixtures so all of these systems could easily and cost
effectively be converted to L.E.D. We achieved a sustainability milestone in 2012 where all landscape
lighting that used to be line voltage 110 volt was being substituted with low voltage L.E.D. instead with no
loss of light intensity, but at a much lower cost of install and energy consumption.
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