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Night Light, Inc. celebrates it’s 30-year anniversary by partnering with Feed My Starving Children. Giving back to the community has become part of our DNA, and we have learned that a little change can make a big impact.


Won’t you help us turn hunger into hope by setting up a Change for Children Jar at your office to feed starving children? Upon request Night Light will deliver a jar to you or you may start one of your own. Place your loose change in the jar at the end of each day. As we all collect change, we can pool our resources for the collective good of these children.


You may even want to start a jar at home like Night Light Vice President Dean MacMorris and his family. The four of them collect nearly $400 each year, which they donate on New Year’s Eve. That’s more than 1,800 meals or 5 children for an entire year!


By just skipping a soda or a coffee each day you can feed 6-8 children a healthy meal. It only takes $80 to feed a child for a full year. Think of the difference we can make together.


Feed My Starving Children sends paks around the US and the world. 92% of their annual donations are directly used to provide nourishing meals.


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Yes, I would like a Night Light representative to bring a jar to my company to help Feed My Starving Children

Once your jar gets filled up, simply give us a call and we will pick up the change from you.

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