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Do It Right the First Time: Building Security into the Home Project

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Tangled? A Bistro Lighting Installation Guide

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A Legacy of Innovation

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Lighten Up a Landscape

Chicagoland Gardening • July/August 2001
“Hinsdale, by day, is a charming western suburb where tall, leafy trees arch gracefully over beautifully landscaped
yards. By night, Hinsdale is, well, dark. Much of the lovely landscaping is lost amidst the quiet shadows of the night….”



Would You Heat Your Building by Burning $10 Bills?

Office & Commercial Real Estate Magazine • Fall 2002
“Probably not! Then why would you allow your site and landscape lighting to continue to waste your energy dollars!
Did you know that old and inefficient site and landscape lighting fixtures and lamps can rob you of your annual


Lighting the Way

The Landscape Contractor • May 2003
“Since the early 1990s, lighting projects and sales have increased regularly. Professionally designed and installed
lighting is a ‘beacon’ on the landscape horizon, and it seems to be getting brighter and brighter….”



There is No There When You Get There

Office & Commercial Real Estate Magazine • Fall 2005
“There are office buildings that appeal to you in the evening, and there are those that do not. The only difference in a
commercial site during the day and one at night is how it is lit; virtually nothing else changes….”



I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me About Landscape Illumination

The Landscape Contractor • August 2008
“Most landscapes are designed and installed without landscape illumination in mind. More than 50% of those who
invest in professional illumination have had their landscapes professionally done as well…”



An Introduction and the Pitfalls of LED Site and Landscape Illumination

Licensed Architect • Fall 2011
“Light comes in many color ranges. Each type of lamp emits its own color range for which individuals have become
accustomed to over the years, positively or negatively…”

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