Irrigate Like a Pro!

Now that Chicago’s annual April cold snap is out of the way, it’s time to get ready for summer! At Night Light, we’ve been privileged to develop a plethora of relationships in the outdoor living industry. As a result, we’ve gathered an abundance insight to share with our valued clients as they venture outside.

Over the next several months, we’ll share industry tips and tricks, best practices and signs to look out for, as you enjoy your outdoor living space! So, let’s start at the very beginning, the very best place to start… 

Do you have an irrigation system on your property? Do you wish you did? Have you had issues with your existing system?

As you activate your system for the season, keep an eye out for:

Irrigation heads sticking out of the ground when the system is not running.

Heads left vulnerable from pets and landscape equipment also pose a tripping hazard. Get it checked out before damage strikes. It will save you money and a headache in the swing of the summer season!

Saturated mulch.

This typically indicates that changes were made to the landscape without adjusting the irrigation system. It can lead to over- or under-watering in the updated area.  Contact your irrigation contractor to cap off, remove or relocate the heads that are no longer needed.

Irrigation heads behind or beneath shrubs, flowers, other obstructions, or in mulch beds.

One or more of these scenarios will become a factor as your landscape grows and matures. If you notice that any of your heads are buried or blocked by plants, it is time to reach out to your irrigation advisor. We always recommend being proactive early in the season to short-circuit the effects of inefficiency.

Water-stained patio furniture, signage, or outdoor toys.

This suggests that your carefully-chosen accessories are suffering the effects of a constant soaking. A simple adjustment to the head is most likely all that’s needed.

Puddling or algae build-up.

If there is no clear obstacle in the way of the water stream, you may have a broken head or leaking valve on your hands. Make sure to point it out for your irrigation maintenance company during their spring visit.

Looking for some help?

Amongst our many alliance partners are a handful of top-notch irrigation companies. If you’re looking for maintenance, advice, or a brand-new system, click here to tap into our preferred referral base!

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