Right Tree, Right Place!

Much of what we do at Night Light revolves around landscape elements with an emphasis on trees. Our landscape illumination designers utilize these elements to effectively create a unique illumination plan. Trees provide us with the form, structure, texture, and color that we highlight after dark. They can also provide the perfect means to support our special moon light effects.

Multi-stem trees such as flowering crabs, redbud, birch, and magnolia are perfect elements to highlight as focal points in the landscape. Perimeter trees including spruce, pine, maple, and walnut allow us to frame your property and provide depth and destination. Large mature canopy trees like majestic oak and hickory are the perfect specimen for breathtaking overhead vistas and subtle moon light shadowing onto a patio, walkway, or lawn area.

Without these amazing trees, we simply cannot create these awesome lighting effects that are possible. Proper care of your trees is critical, not only for our lighting effects but for the overall beauty of your property. Regular pruning, feeding, and scouting for pests should be a minimum regimen for the investment you have made in your trees. As we prepare our illumination recommendations, we regularly encounter trees that need some care. We have partnered with multiple professional tree care companies that we feel possess the knowledge and experience to handle any size tree care program.

When was the last time you had someone do an assessment of the trees on your property? Act now before you find out you may have waited too long. Click here if you would like us to recommend a tree care expert for your location.