Alene K.

I have significant experience in working with contractors, and Night Light is one of the best. They understood what we were trying to achieve with our landscaping lighting and offered solutions with options. Chris Carey in sales recommended moon lighting to cover large portions of my property that were very dark at night as well as uplighting on the stone of my house to create evening impact from the street. He was very responsive in answering my questions after the proposal was made. The installation crew was impressive…professional, skills, customer oriented. I had a lighting issue that was unrelated to the new work, and they handled it promptly. Customer focused at all levels in the company. The lighting is fantastic, especially the moon lighting which allows us to take out the garbage at night without a flashlight…just enough light to see your way around. There is a huge difference between having a landscaping focused business doing your lighting and people who are focused on lighting exclusively. Impeccable design (not one size fits all) and installation (proper and secure). Great.