Night Light was born as a low-voltage offshoot from a company Mitch pioneered 10 years earlier.


We incorporated landscape illumination design, installation, and maintenance services.


Dean MacMorris came on as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, from the landscape architecture world.

We also grew to two full crews, installing all low-voltage systems.


Billy joined Night Light as a field laborer.


Nick joined Night Light as a field laborer.


Dean became partner and co-owner with Mitch.

Out of popular demand, we developed and launched our Preventative Maintenance Program!

The workforce grew to three crews.


Josh joined Night Light as a field laborer.


Jason joined Night Light as a field laborer.


We sent out our first company newsletter!

Derrick joined Night Light as a field laborer.

One crew was dedicated entirely to service and maintenance.

It was time to add to our fleet, so we purchased two black, wrapped, Mercedes-built Dodge Sprinters!


The production team implemented a program to offer free site evaluations to clients whose systems had not been serviced in two years or longer.


When LED lighting was new and blue, Mitch spearheaded a systematic effort to manipulate the new technology to suit Night Light’s standards! He went to work with his manufacturing connections to have state-of-the-art LEDs developed for our use.


The LED experiment had surmounted the learning curve. We confidently implemented LED lighting, meeting and surpassing our former standards for elegant, outdoor, serviceable lighting. They also offer:

80% energy savings and greater light output as compared to their traditional counterparts,

Predictable, manipulable light color (no longer only the classic blue),

Lower installation cost,

Longer-lasting lamps,

And a seamless retrofitting process.


Dawn and Helen joined the Night Light team and took on the administrative responsibilities.

We crew to a set of 5 full-fledged crews.

Rey began running a service crew.

Billy moved into general management.

Nick returned to Night Light in production management.

Derrick became a crew lead.


Founder and president Mitch celebrated his 30th anniversary in landscape illumination design.


Nick transitioned into general management.


Billy transitioned into a position as a Trusted Advisor.


Ed rejoined the team after many years in landscape industry management. He jumped in as Vice President, managing each of our department heads.


Nick transitioned into a position as a Trusted Advisor.

Josh transitioned from Head Installer into Installation Management, giving him the flexibility to coordinate scheduling and support the regular crews.

Derrick became Head Installer.

Jason transitioned into an official role as Service Manager, tag-teaming service scheduling with Dawn and handling one-man jobs to keep the other service crews efficient.