Nick F.

Chris, the design consultant, was a pleasure to work with. He came up with an outdoor lighting scheme that precisely met our goals, while incorporating design specifics that I could have never thought of myself. He then worked with me to trim the project down to meet my budget while still meeting our goals. The installers were able to schedule the work within the tight timeline that I requested so that the lighting could be ready for a big backyard party we were throwing. The installers were polite, precise, highly skilled, and set up the lighting without a hitch. Our back deck and backyard now look beautiful at night and we get so much more enjoyment out of them. I’d highly recommend Night Light. They’re great professionals.

Scott S.

I’ve worked with Dean for many years and have always been impressed by his professionalism, creativity, promptness and accuracy. Not to mention the beautiful lighting that I enjoy every evening and every season.
Nightlight receives my highest endorsement, and I have referred them to many others with confidence.

Jill H.

This is the second time we have used Night Light. We moved to a new home, and because of our previous experience with their work, we knew that Night Light was the company for us. We are once again, very pleased. They are very responsive to any questions or concerns one might have, and work diligently to please.

Dennis S.

Night Light installed my landscape lights 15+ years ago. The lights have performed perfectly with little maintenance. At the recommendation of Night Light I upgraded to digital lights and they too have performed perfectly. On several occasions, I have called Night Light for checking my system. Each time they have scheduled a time convenient to me and completed any repair within 30 minutes. The service technicians are professional, friendly and recommended some changes that helped me. I would recommend Night Light to anyone for their installation, service, and professionalism.

Alene K.

I have significant experience in working with contractors, and Night Light is one of the best. They understood what we were trying to achieve with our landscaping lighting and offered solutions with options. Chris Carey in sales recommended moon lighting to cover large portions of my property that were very dark at night as well as uplighting on the stone of my house to create evening impact from the street. He was very responsive in answering my questions after the proposal was made. The installation crew was impressive…professional, skills, customer oriented. I had a lighting issue that was unrelated to the new work, and they handled it promptly. Customer focused at all levels in the company. The lighting is fantastic, especially the moon lighting which allows us to take out the garbage at night without a flashlight…just enough light to see your way around. There is a huge difference between having a landscaping focused business doing your lighting and people who are focused on lighting exclusively. Impeccable design (not one size fits all) and installation (proper and secure). Great.

Peter G.

Exterior lighting makes such a big difference in both the appearance of the home and for security. After searching for a while, we decided to go with NightLight. It was a different solution than the typical lighting application. The lights are mounted high in the trees. The impact is that of a full moon, lighting the property through the trees with movement of light from leaves dancing in the breeze. it’s a very desirable effect and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Highly recommended.

Brian T.

They are the most professional, organized and true-to-their-word contractor I have worked with. They show up on-time, fix any issues as soon as possible and do quality work. They did our lighting for our 1/2 million dollar patio project at a high-end private country club in Chicago. When I asked people who should do the work, they were the only ones everyone unanimously recommended. If you want it done right with the best materials, I would only use Nightlight. They are not the cheapest, but after seeing the work they do, you will then know why.

Judy S.

Several years ago, Night Light designed and installed landscape lighting to accentuate a new patio and landscaping. These included patio wall lights, moonlights in trees and other accent and tree lights. Dean MacMorris was extremely knowledgeable and flexible and was a pleasure to work with. When starting our patio and landscape projects we didn’t even consider lighting and we are so glad Night Light was recommended. The effect of beautiful and appropriate lighting is incredible and has truly impacted the aesthetics and functionality of our outdoor space. We would highly recommend Dean and Night Light.

Wendy E.

Night Light has been the icing on the cake for us-we are the Dusk Refuge home! Our project was large in scope-taking an old yucky pool and turning it into a modern resort! Dean MacMorris and his Night Light Crew were always very easy to work with, offered fantastic ideas, helped tweak lighting until it was “just right” and made our new space so much more inviting. I love when the night comes now because I get to appreciate the beauty of my backyard in such a different way than the daytime can provide. It is truly now a work of art! Thanks so much to Dean and his great work, we went from back yard to front yard, and just hired him again to do more work on a new deck project. Use Night Light!! You won’t be disappointed!!

Tom B.

We have been customers with Night Light for over 5 years. Mitch came out to our home to determine our needs and had many great ideas. He went out of his way to demonstrate what we could expect with our landscape lighting. We have since added onto our system 3 times and each time the crews were very neat and careful. Their customer service is outstanding. If you are looking to take you outdoor space to the next level, Night Light is the company for you.