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About Night Light

The days never seem to be quite long enough. Wake up, work hard, come home and try to pretend you don’t notice as the light wanes and suddenly snuffs out. We can see a lifestyle in which the sun’s disappearance ushers in a transformed landscape scene, a space poised to capture the memories destined to be made. Can you?
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Your needs are as unique as you are, so we designed three distinct paths to best cater to them!
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Come, meet the lifeblood of Night Light, the heartbeat of our craft, the family that defines us.
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Life is hard enough; don’t jump in blind! Take a walk from a vision cast to one fully maintained.
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Featured Projects

Backyard Oasis

Bistro Lighting
This backyard oasis, located in Libertyville, provides family and friends a getaway from the day’s burdens. Mature, towering canopy trees are meticulously washed with subtle light to provide a sense of closure and security. Entertaining is frequent after dark with task lighting at the outdoor kitchen, bistro lighting under the dining porch and path lighting…
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A Charming Refuge

Accent lighting was the primary method chosen for this residence located in Libertyville. Subtle and minimal, the illumination creates just enough light to enjoy the outdoor areas after dark. Illumination of key ornamental trees provides a feeling of security and warmth as you navigate from the inviting patio, through the lawn panel, to the crackling…
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Latest News & Insights


Our homes have been working double- and triple-duty during the pandemic as offices, schools, day-care centers, and gyms. It seems that now, more than ever, we dream of “getting away” from our homes that we have associated with stress, chores, and deadlines. While many businesses and venues are reopening, there are still plenty of valid…

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Measure Twice, Cut Once

out-door  adjective  “done, situated, or used out of doors”  car-pen-try  noun  “the activity or occupation of making or repairing things in wood”  Outdoor carpentry has become a specialty skill in the construction trades. It combines the craftsmanship and artistry of woodworking with the knowledge of exterior climate effects on wood and fasteners. Proper design and construction of structures for the outdoors requires professional knowledge and specialized experience.…

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An Ounce of Prevention

In our continuing Outdoor Living series of blog articles, we share with you some practical advice on how to enjoy your time outdoors, especially in your own backyard. Hopes of returning to a normal life after the COVID 19 pandemic evokes a sense of excitement this spring. As a result, families are spending even more…

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