Swimming Pool Smarts!

Memorial Day has come and gone, but with the lingering chilly weather, many haven’t yet opened their pools for the season! If sunny optimism hasn’t cajoled you out of your home and onto the pool deck, take heart. You’ll be set to go with these Swimming Pool Smarts.

Clean and store the winter cover.

If necessary, use a sump pump to remove water from the cover. Brush off any additional debris and wash it before removal to avoid hauling additional weight or risking contamination of the pool. Make sure to lay the cover out to dry thoroughly before storing it for the season. However, we’d recommend you use a pool cover cleaning solution that allows for damp storage. It is almost impossible to get both sides completely dry, but you can prevent mold!

Swap out your drain plugs.

Let’s face it, this is Chicagoland and winter is wild. If you prepped your drains with winterized drain plugs, don’t forget to swap them out for the season!

Drain, clean, and refill the pool.

Preparing for a refill is an important step! If you choose to drain your pool, give the interior, any tile, skimmer mouths, and deck a once-over with the proper chemicals for smooth sailing this season.

Inspect for necessary repairs.

It’s as simple as it sounds. Just make sure you have physically looked at pool equipment, pool coping, waterline tile, interior finish and the pool deck area. Test your controls. Make note of any leaks, noises, colors, or cracks. If anything looks off or out of place, call your maintenance company!

Weekly maintenance.

There is no substitute for regular attention. Check and adjust pool chemistry, skim the surface or empty the skimmer baskets, and rinse your deck, patio, or tiles. We all know how quickly these can snowball into larger projects, so exercise due diligence to get the most out of your pool in 2019!

Not ready to “weekend warrior” your pool this year?

We get it. Do you need regular maintenance taken care of by professionals? As fortune would have it, we have trustworthy friends in high places who can help you prepare for the season and advise you on best practices! If you could you use a hand, click here for a referral to one of our hand-selected partners.

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