Stay Secure at Home and Keep Your Family Safe

During this time of increased uncertainty with the COVID19 pandemic and ‘stay at home’ orders, families are finding their homes occupied 24/7. This increased presence and activity most likely deters burglars and prowlers. Nonetheless, keeping your home secure should not be left forgotten. We are sharing a few successful techniques to help improve your home’s security and keep your family safe at night.

Illuminate Your Entryways

Entrances to your home, especially side doors or a back door to a garage, should be properly lit to prevent incidents. These entries can become a vulnerable weak point in home security. Trespassers do not want to be seen so a properly illuminated entryway will become a door they will not approach. A well-lit property is less trespassed.

Incorporate Functional Lighting

Light fixtures can provide extra light outdoors for specific tasks like grilling, dining, and entertainment. These lights can also help us see and deter trespassers. Moon lighting effects provide lighting of pathways through the outdoor space but also help us detect motion outside our windows after dark. When a property is tastefully lit, your home is creating a psychological barrier to intruders.

Effective Illumination Can be Subtle Without Becoming Blinding

One of the advantages of illuminating your property with landscape lighting is the creation of depth and definition of space. Selecting a proper fixture positioned in the right location allows for accenting and highlighting the landscape elements. Ambient light reflected off trees and structures results in elegance and beauty instead of blinding unwanted glare.       

Be Mindful of Your Neighbors

Extending the reach of your illumination scheme to the very outer edges of your property, in a tasteful manner, eliminates dark spots and hiding places. Obtrusive floodlights that are triggered with motion sensors are unnecessary when fixtures are selected and positioned properly. Indirect lighting that is shielded and aimed properly can help us remain responsible and aware of how our lighting affects those around us. Security lighting can be beautiful, tasteful, and not upsetting to those nearby.

It is important to mention that even the best security lighting is no replacement for a proper security system. Security lighting serves as an extra measure, a way of reinforcing a clear message that your property is not worth the trouble. It is a wonderful thing when the lighting around your property can add both beauty and function to keep your home safe.

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