MULCHING: A Matter of Life and Death

Who would think that something as simple as providing a layer of mulch around your landscape plants could save them from dangerous conditions throughout the year?

As we enjoy the hot summer days of the Midwest, we must be reminded that our plants are exposed to the sun and heat every day. Although they are accustomed to our climate, we must offer them protection when we can by maintaining a proper layer of mulch in our gardens. The benefits of mulching are more than just aesthetic. Mulch helps retain soil moisture, helps cool plant roots, decreases weeds, reduces erosion, and adds organic matter. Mulch also provides benefits to our plants during the winter by keeping the soil temperature from fluctuating during temperature variations and protecting delicate plants that might be questionably hardy in our climate zone.

Without a proper application of mulch, newly planted trees, shrubs, and perennials risk dangerous conditions of wilting, stressing, and eventual death. This can occur just as easily in the summer heat as in the winter cold.

Who do you rely on to care for your landscape? As a member of the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association, Night Light works closely with hundreds of qualified landscape contractors ready to help you with your landscape needs. We would be happy to recommend a landscape professional that works in your area. Call us today or click here for a recommendation.

As you enjoy the rest of this summer, do not neglect the beautiful plants that provide you with so much joy!