Measure Twice, Cut Once

out-door  adjective  “done, situated, or used out of doors” 

car-pen-try  noun  “the activity or occupation of making or repairing things in wood” 

Outdoor carpentry has become a specialty skill in the construction trades. It combines the craftsmanship and artistry of woodworking with the knowledge of exterior climate effects on wood and fasteners. Proper design and construction of structures for the outdoors requires professional knowledge and specialized experience. Exposure to seasonal elements can play havoc on outdoor structures resulting in weakness and instability if not designed and built properly. 

[Photo Credit: Craiger Custom Design]

A natural wooden structure such as a gazebo, pergola or trellis can add elemental interest in your outdoor living environment. Blending of architectural design elements, patterns and styles can result in artistic and breathtaking detail. Transforming your outdoor space with a new deck, grill enclosure or custom planter box can be just the finishing touch needed for your outdoor enjoyment. Many outdoor kitchens incorporate some form of outdoor carpentry for functional and aesthetic purposes. 

[Photo Credit: Kelly Green Design, Inc.]

Gates, fences and screen walls can be artistic elements that provide the privacy or separation desired in your outdoor space. Wooden stairways, footbridges and walkways can be a welcome contrast in a landscape designed with colorful plantings and stonework. Your outdoor living space deserves the proper planning and design focus combining these various elements. 

[Photo Credit: Craiger Custom Design]

Are you looking to transform your outdoor space this season? Are you spending more time in your own backyard entertaining your family and friends? Professional outdoor carpentry can add that extra element you’ve been looking for. We have partnered with numerous companies in the landscape and construction industry with the experience and qualifications to earn our recommendation. Contact us today if we can help recommend someone for your next project.