Our homes have been working double- and triple-duty during the pandemic as offices, schools, day-care centers, and gyms. It seems that now, more than ever, we dream of “getting away” from our homes that we have associated with stress, chores, and deadlines. While many businesses and venues are reopening, there are still plenty of valid concerns that create a sense of hesitation to travel for pleasure anytime soon. Staycations was once a catchy title given to home adventures that would mimic the luxuries of resort-style getaways and respites. Today we associate staying-at-home as a necessity of survival instead of choice.

[Photo Credit: Dave Malecki]

The rise in home improvements and consumers’ purchasing of home goods is proof that we are staycationing much more than in recent years. Improvements to interiors, exteriors and outdoor living spaces continue to rise. It’s no secret that new swimming pools, bicycles, exercise equipment, kitchen upgrades and general remodeling have risen dramatically since the start of the pandemic. Creating opportunities to “get away” from the daily routine without leaving our homes has become a weekly challenge and remains to be the safest, and more affordable way to unwind and relax.

How will you plan your next staycation? Will it include the creation of a luxury spa experience complete with hot bubble bath, scented candles, bath salts and soothing music? Or maybe you are planning to go camping right in your own back yard (or living room) complete with your new outdoor kitchen, fire pit, hot tub, outdoor speakers and sleeping bag? When was the last time you did an internet search on your own community to discover the tourist attractions that could be just a short walk or bike ride away?

However you plan for your next staycation, rest assured you can have as much fun and enjoyment in your own home while creating lasting memories with your family. We hope you stay safe this summer and wish you and yours happy planning!

[Photo Credit: Dave Malecki]