And Then There Was Light

As we enjoy our time outdoors this summer, getting back to celebrations and gatherings with friends and family, much time has been devoted to our outdoor living spaces. Upgrades, improvements, and renovations have occurred in our backyards, patios, and landscapes. We have a strong desire to extend the hours of outdoor fun into the evening, gathering around the fire pit and gazing at the stars. Our clients benefit from a well-designed outdoor illumination system offering tranquility, safety, and beauty after dark.

[Photo Credit: Dave Malecki]

The majority of our lighting systems are focused on your landscape. Fixtures are carefully placed among the plantings, inside of planting beds, and even in the canopy of large trees. This allows us to highlight the charm and elegance of the space creating a unique ambiance. Your landscape is a living, changing environment and your lighting system must change with it. As your landscape matures, your fixtures and wiring require adjustments and sometimes relocation. Unfortunate damage can occur, and underground wires are bound to accidentally get cut. We are here to help keep your system performing as well as it did the day it was installed.

Our Preventative Maintenance customers enjoy the benefits of never having to worry about their system. Our technicians visit their property each year to clean, adjust, inspect, and test the entire system and make any necessary repairs. We even extend the system warranty so that any problems throughout the year are handled at no additional cost. If you would like to see how this service could benefit you, click here.

Jason Surges, Service Manager at Night Light, Inc.

Our service manager, Jason Surges, has worked for Night Light for over 15 years. His team has the expertise needed to troubleshoot and repair any problem that may arise with your system. From simple lamp replacement to complex voltage testing, to complete fixture replacement, they are at your service and just a phone call away. You can click here to schedule a service call anytime.

Days will once again begin to shorten as we progress toward the fall season, and you’ll want your system tested and ready to withstand the elements of the upcoming winter. If you’ve been meaning to contact us today is the perfect time to speak with one of our team members. Call us today at 630-627-1111 or follow this link to submit your request.