The technological advances that have been made with the improvements in Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures and lamps are not to be ignored. We have all experienced the benefits of switching from traditional to LED light bulbs and fixtures. These advantages include; energy efficiency, eco-friendly, lower heat emissions, instant-on with no warm-up, dimmable, wide color ranges and longer-lasting bulbs. The lower energy consumption alone has demonstrated how significant LED advancements have transformed the lighting industry.

At Night Light, we’ve been privileged to develop a plethora of relationships in the outdoor living industry. As a result, we’ve gathered an abundance insight to share with our valued clients as they venture outside.

As we anticipate a burgeoning spring—with all of its whispered promises of growth and life to come—this moment of quiet is pregnant for reflection. In the calm before the storm, we look before and behind us. We steady ourselves on the horizon and take a deep breath.