Backyard BBQ

There is great enjoyment in hosting or attending a summer backyard BBQ with family and friends. The delicious food, cold refreshments, relaxing atmosphere, and engaging conversation help to define a great American pastime. Numerous resources exist online for BBQ recipes, cooling drink favorites, accompanying side dishes and yummy deserts. Preparing a perfect backyard spread is easy when you have the space, accessories and proper equipment suited for the task.

In our previous blog article titled “If You Can’t Stand the Heat…” we explored the current enthusiasm towards Outdoor Kitchens. “Where do most guests congregate in today’s open floor plans? Just like our indoor kitchen and family room concepts, an Outdoor Kitchen has become the newest trend in outdoor living spaces.” Outdoor kitchens are designed with modern cooking appliances, refrigeration units, ample storage, functioning sinks, and both functional and elegant lighting, the perfect place to create your BBQ banquet.

[Photo Credit: Dave Malecki]

The primary appliance that is necessary for your BBQ feast is the grilling station. Before you get the flames going, know what type of grill to invest in to achieve the char and flavor you are after. How often will you use your unit? How much TLC will you devote to the cooking process? How much space do you have and what size is needed? Typically, grills use charcoal, gas, electric, or wood pellets to produce the heat, flames, and smoke you are striving for. Manufacturers like Weber, Traeger, Char-Broil, Coleman and even Cuisinart are only a handful of the many possible options to choose from.

One of the favorite BBQ main dishes must be pork ribs. There are hundreds of recipes available for preparing BBQ ribs. Our favorite includes a two-step process consisting of slow cooking first followed by direct heat grilling. You can find this process outlined at The Country Cook website by clicking here.

Whatever your favorite dish is for your summer backyard BBQ, take the time to prepare your space appropriately and invite your friends for a fun time!