Stay Secure at Home and Keep Your Family Safe

During this time of increased uncertainty with the COVID19 pandemic and ‘stay at home’ orders, families are finding their homes occupied 24/7. This increased presence and activity most likely deters burglars and prowlers. Nonetheless, keeping your home secure should not be left forgotten. We are sharing a few successful techniques to help improve your home’s…

Our outdoor living series would not be complete without a timely mention of outdoor holiday decorations. Holiday displays bring warmth and cheer to homes and businesses alike. When choosing a company to bring your vision to life, here are some tips for hassle free holiday lighting that produces the results you desire.

Do you love cooking and entertaining outdoors? Where do most guests congregate in today’s open floor plans? Just like our indoor kitchen and family room concepts, an “Outdoor Kitchen” has become the newest trend in outdoor living spaces.

Our Midwest weather dictates the plants and elements we can choose to deliver ever-changing colors and textures. Properly selected plants during the appropriate seasons can vary from subtle color combinations to vibrant contrasting pizzazz.

If sunny optimism hasn’t cajoled you out of your home and onto the pool deck, take heart. You’ll be set to go with these Swimming Pool Smarts.

At Night Light, we’ve been privileged to develop a plethora of relationships in the outdoor living industry. As a result, we’ve gathered an abundance insight to share with our valued clients as they venture outside.